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My name is Henrieke Ibing.

I’m a photographer. A dreamer. An artist at heart. A lover of boardsports. I’m based in Innsbruck, Austria and I love to travel. Most photos I take are focused on people. On who they are. On what they do. I like to tell stories and inspire. 

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I have worked for many years in marketing for brands like Nike and Blue Tomato. Wishing to express myself more creatively, I started studying photography at the Fotoakademie Graz. I also followed a variety of online classes in action sports and portrait photography as well as I graduated in the online studies of photojournalism at the New York Institute of Photography. Today I am happy to call photography my full time profession. 

I’ve always been driven by passion. So is my photography. My love for snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing led me to specialize in action sports photography. I especially enjoy working on projects focused on women in these sports. I also do a lot of portrait photography and I love working with my analog camera and developing photos myself. 

With all the divers projects that come along, I am always looking to find value and a deeper meaning in the photos I take. I never want to stop evolving and I love exploring different photo techniques and more creative ways to express myself.

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